Thursday, December 10, 2015

The Great Empty



Title: The Great Empty

Author: Anita Melillo

Briefly, what was it about? 
The Great Empty is about a boy named Donovan. His family goes on a trip to Australia. After the plane ride Donovan gets bored and gets separated from his sister, Valentine, and the adult with him, Preston. He learns how to to live in the wild and fends for himself in the Great Empty.

Tell why you LIKED or DIDN’T LIKE the book.
I liked the book the Great Empty. The Great Empty has a some sense of adventure that I seek out in books. The adventure is when Donovan has his journey through Australia and has to hunt for his meals and escape. Other people like me who like books that keep you on the edge of your seat with adventure would like this book.

What age group would like this book? 11-14

Would BOYS like this book? Yes
Would GIRLS like this book? Yes

This book would appeal to teens who like...
Realistic Fiction

Your Name: McKayla
Your age: 12
Grade: 7th

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