Monday, April 23, 2012

Ultraviolet by B.J. Anderson

[Cover] R. J. Anderson   Ultraviolet    Everything you believe is wrongTitle: Ultraviolet
Author: B.J. Anderson
Briefly, what was it about? Alison wakes up in a psych ward of a hospital, with no clue as to how she got there. Later she remembers fighting with the most popular girl in school, Tori, punching her in the face, and then her disintegrating. But Alison isn’t like everyone else either, she sees sounds as colors, hear colors, taste when someone is lying. This and the disappearance of Tori, lands her a prime suspect of a murder, and a patient of a Pine Hills Psychiatric Facility. When a certain psychologist takes a certain interest in Alison, she begins to wonder if she actually is insane after all…
Did you like the book? I did
Why? I loved the fact that the diagnoses for Alison are real and the book was incredibly well written. The very ending got a little weird for me and was slightly disappointing, but the book was still really good and I recommend it.
Who would like this book?
1.      Age group? 16 and up
2.      Gender? More female
3.      This book would appeal to teens who like… stories with a twist, fiction, self-discovery
Your age: 17
Grade: 11

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