Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Staying Fat for Sarah Byrnes

Title: Staying Fat for Sarah Byrnes
Author: Chris Crutcher

Briefly, what was it about?
The book is centered around an overweight boy (Moby), who joins the swim team in high school. Throughout the story he brings up past stories of his childhood friend Sarah Byrnes. Sarah is in a psychiatric hospital and is unwilling to talk to anyone. Moby tries desperately to figure out what is wrong with Sarah, before something drastic happens.

Tell why you LIKED or DIDN’T LIKE the book.
Chris Crutcher took on tough topics in this book, such as religion, child abuse, abortion, and suicide, but the book only serves to rehash old arguments commonly heard on these subjects. The characters are portrayed as black and white, good or bad, which is unrealistic of how people are. The "bad guys" are one-dimensional, shown as ignorant, and rude who eventually see the error in their ways. The "good guys" are empathetic and well meaning. Despite this the book has strong characters that face emotional and psychological struggles that many teens may face. Sarah Byrnes is the most resilient and well developed character throughout the book.

What age group would like this book? 13+

Would BOYS like this book? Yes
Would GIRLS like this book? Yes

This book would appeal to teens who like... Writers like John Green, and other coming stories with hard to discuss subjects.

Your Name: Erin S
Your age: 16
Grade: 11

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