Friday, June 8, 2012

Fever by Lauren DeStefano

Cover Art for Fever Title: Fever     
Author: Lauren DeStefano
Briefly, what was it about? In this sequel to Withered, Rhine and Gabriel have just escaped from the mansion and are now on the run and trying to make it across the country to Manhattan, and to Rhine’s twin brother Rowan. However, this journey isn’t as easy as it may seem to be. It also seems as though Housemaster Vaughn won’t give up his ‘property’ so easily. With no plan and many delays it seems at times that they may never reach Manhattan, and even when they feel the safest, tragedy can strike.
Did you like the book?
I thought it was an adequate sequel; however I think that the first book was better. I also have a feeling, based on the writing of the previous book and how this one ended that the third has the potential to be very good. I did like the characters in this one, and you were introduced to some very interesting, if not always good ones. You also see the relationship between Rhine and Gabriel grow, Rhine makes some very interesting discovers about herself, and the ending to me was very good. Some things were finally said that needed to be said.
Who would like this book?
1.      Age group? 14 and older
2.      Gender? Female
3.      This book would appeal to teens who like… Withered, post-apocalyptic, romance, overcoming obstacles, etc.
Your age: 17
Grade: 11

Name: Katelyn

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